6 Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas


Looking for landscape edging ideas? There are many beautiful ways to add some finishing touches to your landscaping and gardening projects, and putting in landscape edging is just one way to give your yard a finished, polished, and professional look. So let’s review some great landscape edging ideas that are simple and easy to put into place almost anywhere.

6 Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

1. Wood Landscape Edging Ideas Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

There are a variety of wooden landscape edgings that can be purchased at any home and garden store, hardware store, or regular discount stores such as Walmart or Kmart too. You can buy standard two by four or six by four wood pieces and cut them to size, or buy small round pieces of wood which look like miniature tree trunks.

When using wood landscape edging, make it decorative by varying the heights and sizes of wood pieces. If for instance, you’re using the round wood pieces, put a 6 inch one in place, then a 4 inch high piece next to that, then a 2 inch high piece, then another 4 inch piece, then another 6 inch piece. Repeat this pattern around the edge of your landscaped areas.

Railroad ties are another excellent way to create wooden landscaping edges, and sometimes these can be picked up at no cost from a variety of job sites in your local area.

One of my favorite ideas for wooden landscape edging, is to use long and unusual looking branches from trees or bushes. Sometimes you’ll find fallen tree branches that have unusual shapes and textures, and these can make wonderful borders and edges for your landscaping projects.

2. Stone Landscape Edging Ideas

Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

Using stone to create your landscape edges gives you a lot of variety, style, and freedom for creativity. You could go for a hike for instance, and collect stones in a variety of sizes to take home with you. Check to be sure this is legal where you live first though. Or you could go to a local nursery or home and garden center, and select a variety of stone sizes.

Set the stones up side by side in an attractive pattern, or place them several inches to several feet apart. Alternatively, put large stones a few feet apart, with smaller ones side by side between them.

Many decorative pathway style stones can also be bought almost anywhere. These are designed to be laid flat to create walkways with, but they make beautiful landscape edges and borders too. Simply turn them on their side, and bury them into the ground about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way so they’re standing upright. This is even prettier when you plant some annual colorful flowers, such as pansies or vincas in front of each stone.

Concrete and brick are similar but alternative options to using actual stone. Using these also gives you a wide variety of decorative patterns that will make your landscape edging stand out from the crowd.

3. Plastic Landscape Edging Ideas

Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

There are many different styles of inexpensive landscape edging materials made from plastic, and available at almost any store. Some of these are designed to look like small picket fences, while others are meant to look like cobblestone, brick, or wood borders themselves.

All it takes is a little bit of thought and creativity, plus a trip or two to browse some of the materials available at your local garden center, and you’ll soon be bursting with your own unique landscape edging ideas!

4. Cast-Iron Edging

Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

Gardeners both great and humble from all over the world have known the secrets of using cast iron edging for many centuries. In the modern world, it lends your garden a touch of Old-World charm and authenticity, and revisits the days when blacksmiths produced cast iron fences in coal-fired foundries.

Once powder coated, cast iron is beautiful, strong and durable. It is capable of lasting a lifetime. In fact, it might even last longer than you will! There are so many beautiful and interesting cast-iron styles to choose from. Take a look at Canterbury-style overlapping peak designs from the Victorian era, or check out the modern elegance of an Art Deco design.

Cast-iron edging can usually be assembled as a series of individual sections. You simply press them into the ground, since they are constructed with spiked support posts that are easily pressed or pounded into place. It’s hard to think of any other kind of landscape edging that can provide so much elegance and authority with so little effort.

5. Willow Branches

Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

Natural willow branches for garden edging are used widely in European gardens. It’s an ideal choice for those folks wishing to re-create a garden border that recalls the style and charm of the authentic willow fences found in English gardens. Willow is a beautiful and graceful material that provides excellent border definition – whether it’s lining the walkway or accenting a bed of flowers. Being a natural wood, it also blends effortlessly into the design of your garden.

6. Garden Flowers

Amazing Landscape Edging Ideas

One of the simplest garden edging ideas, often overlooked, is to use beautiful dwarf flowers and plants to form living landscape edging. Is there anything more natural than seeing mounds of flowering Rocky Mountain Zinnia or Alyssum encircling your landscape beds? Other good varieties of flowers to use for edging include Candy Tuft, Catspaw, Artemisia, or Veronica. Really, it’s possible to use any dwarf species that grows in mounds.

Perhaps these few garden edging ideas will motivate you to get out there and give those garden beds a bit of a makeover. Happy gardening!

Different Lawn Edging Ideas To Keep Grass Out

Mowing your lawn can be a hassle, but with landscape edging you can keep your lawn looking great and trim the extra grass. Landscape edging allows you to have an attractive lawn even if you do not mow it very often.

This makes it possible to maintain all of your yard’s plants and walkways without having to mow too often. Landscape edging gives you the option of leaving portions of your lawn un-mowed but still has the ability to cut back any overgrown grass.

An invisible border, great for lawn edging ideas to keep grass out; this woven, natural-looking grass edging is designed specifically to be installed in flower beds.

Constructed with durable natural materials, these vinyl flower bed borders are built-in and come with special spikes that allow them to attach to the soil. This makes it easy to fasten them into the ground and apply them to curves and turns.

Built-in, adjustable, removable spikes allow it to fit just about any size plot or lawn and are slip-resistant for the ultimate protection.

Brick lawn edging ideas, perfect for your flower beds or for keeping out weeds and grass, is another option. Brick is available at most hardware and lawn stores and is easy to install.

Its unique look adds personality to your garden and adds a sense of permanence to your landscape design. Brick is a popular choice for gardeners as it is easy to maintain. It does not need to be mowed as often as some other types of grasses, but can be used to shape your lawn.

lawn edging ideas to keep grass out

Decorative wooden lawn edging ideas can be used to make an attractive feature on a small piece of lawn. Wooden slats add charm and interest to flower beds and borders, especially when designed with a vintage look.

Wood is also easy to clean and maintain. Some people choose to use metal wooden lawn edging to define their lawn and to define spaces between flower beds. You can find these in varying widths and sizes.

Many people are surprised at the wide variety of lawn edging ideas, from simple lines to ornate patterns. You can choose from concrete, plastic, metal, or wood. The concrete and metal edgings are lightweight and are usually designed to resist weathering damage.

Plastic and wooden edgings are more aesthetically pleasing but may dent if too much pressure is applied to the edge. Concrete and metal edgings are quite common on larger pieces of the lawn.

Plastic edgings are usually rectangular, but can also come in other shapes, such as circular or triangular. You can paint them with different colors, or leave them natural and untreated.

Plastic lawn edgings keep grass from growing through cracks in your lawn and keep water and moisture away from the roots. They also make an attractive feature between lawn beds.

If you choose to use this type of edgings, you will want to water frequently, especially during the hotter months of the year, because the plastic will shrink.

Wood edgings are a great choice for keeping grass healthy and appearing attractive. You should select carefully, however, because they can be damaged by heavy rain or severe temperature shifts. Wood can split, warp or rot. This could make the appearance of your lawn less than attractive.

There are many other types of lawn edgings to consider besides those that were described above. These other types could include plastic fence lines, planting beds, planters, and garden beds.

Some are permanent, some are temporary, while others are used only for certain times of the year, such as summer or winter.

It is a good idea to take a look at your lawn and yard to determine what sort of edgings would look best. If you do not have the proper grass edging, your lawn may appear unattractive and messy.

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