15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love


Whether you are looking for walkway landscaping ideas or looking for inspiring ideas to give your walkway a new look, the 15 amazing walkway landscaping ideas we have here will get your creative juice flowing.

We’ve compiled here the best walkway landscaping ideas and designs to get your creative juices flowing to create the walkway you desired.

Tips For Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping walkway borders are an important part of the walkway landscapes. The design of borders depends on several factors such as your budget, the nature of the land you have and what you want the walkway to portray.

You may be tempted to create a straight border from one corner to another but it is usually a better idea to make a looping or wavy border which gives your landscaping idea more depth and interest. When deciding how to handle borders, one factor to consider is the cost of the materials you will use to build your walkway borders.

When thinking of walkway landscaping ideas, you should first come up with some general ideas that can suit your needs. You should think of the main purpose of your garden and then think of various ideas to make this area more attractive.

One of the most popular ideas is to create stepping stones and mini gardens. This is especially useful for small pathways in front of your house, which would not be able to accommodate large trees. When coming up with ideas for stepping stones and mini gardens, keep in mind that these should blend with the natural environment around them.

When it comes to commercial walkway landscaping ideas, you will have plenty of variety to choose from. Landscaping walkways in commercial landscapes can include any number of things such as walkways, entrance ways and access areas.

In the past, when commercial landscape companies were first introduced, they designed walkway borders that were just flat. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of materials, shapes and colors.

One of the most popular walkway landscaping ideas includes creating small pockets of green throughout your yard. You can create these by simply adding small plants or by building a small pond or fountain.

You can also try a mixture of plant life and stones or bricks on your walkway edges. By simply lining a walkway with rocks, you will be creating an attractive focal point which adds character to your yard.

If you are not interested in creating a border or some sort of feature with plants, then the best walkway landscaping ideas for you are pebbles. These pebbles are available at almost every home improvement store and come in various sizes and colors.

Another wonderful material you can use is concrete. However, if you do not like the idea of having large chunks of concrete in your yard, you can always mix in some pebbles to give your walkway something more interesting.

Brick pavers are another great option for adding texture and beauty to your yard. There are two different types of brick pavers available. The first type of brick paver is used in commercial properties.

This type is solid so you do not have the option of choosing from a variety of beautiful designs. The second type is modular brick pavers. These units come in multiple colors, styles and designs.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to decide on is the style of stone to use in your walkways. If you want something with a little more texture, then you should look at using natural stone such as sandstone, slate, limestone, flagstone.

Sandstone and slate are excellent for walkways because they have a nice texture, but they also age well and look nice. Stone that is cut into small squares is also a good choice for walkways because they will be very long-lasting.

One other thing that you should keep in mind when choosing the right walkway materials is the color. Although the primary purpose of a walkway is for walking, you may also want it to enhance the exterior of your home. By using complementary colors, you can greatly improve the appearance of your yard.

You can choose walkway paving that comes in various shades, sizes, shapes and textures so you are sure to find something that will go with any home. If you’re not sure about the best colors to use, go online to see colors that have been used in various real-life settings.


15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love

1. Picture Perfect

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
When working with concrete pavers, placing them in a less than perfect alignment brings further interest to your walking path. These light pavers are even spaced to allow a uniform slate rock to be patterned in between that mimic the surrounding landscape colors and patterns.

2. Concrete Etchings

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Although these look much like a brick walkway, concrete can be stained and etched to mimic favorite materials. This is a great way to keep your wedding to a minimum as you won’t have any little seeds making their way in between these bricks over time. Professional companies often have a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from if you decide to take the etching route.

3.  Walking on Water

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Solid pond foundations provide perfect garden borders, as well as a place to create a unique walkway. This is definitely a design that requires quite a bit of advanced planning to make sure the pond is well sealed, and the walkway base is sturdy and in place before filling the pond. But the effect is stunning. Amazing walkway landscaping ideas.

4.  Colorful Creation

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Etchings really can take on just about any idea you can think of, like this colorful stone walkway that is actually a well designed solid path. Concrete often provides a much less expensive option, not to mention the time you save in actually making it.
Finding the stone, laying out the design, and grouting the spaces takes time and money. Leveling the walkway and pouring concrete before applying the design can often be more feasible.

5.  Dual Purpose

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Concrete border pavers don’t have to be used for flower bed boundaries. Get creative with their often fun, and curvy shapes and make them your own. These arching borders have been put to use as a walkway, complete with traffic friendly vegetation.

6.  Do It Yourself

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Get creative for a one of a kind walkway that incorporates river rock, colorful glass, pebbles, or anything else you can think of that you can press into wet concrete. This provides not only a fun walkway to travel upon but a great conversation piece. If you have children this is a great way to get them involved as well.

7.  Dual Purpose II

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Make your walkway look bigger than what it really is using pea gravel or river rock in conjunction with concrete pavers. Choose from a variety of colors to provide contrast and interest like these rust-colored steps next to mixed lights of the rock. You can also match them to your garden border material to help complete the overall look.

Stone and Rock Walkway Ideas

Create rustic, old fashioned appeal using local stones, or get exotic with a mix of specialized rocks from far away places. No matter what you choose rocks and stone can create both walkway and walkway border materials to meander along at any time.

8.  Sectional Flagstones

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Placing stone so it all fits together well is already a challenge, but doing so within consistently set boundaries is even more so. The effect is stunning, however, such in these well-bordered flagstone paths that lay out perfectly rectangular cut stones intermixed with the natural shapes of well-placed stones.

9.  Puzzle Pieces

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Color matching across garden walls, gazebo construction, and walkways allows the simple landscaping to take a front-row seat to aesthetic appeal. Laying out flagstone is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and these well-placed pieces provide a smooth path through the well kept surrounding gardens.

10.  Perfect Angles

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Take a walk on the wild side and instead of placing straight lines in perpendicular placements, put them at angles to one another. This is an unexpected look and provides more than just a walkway, but also a new visual focal point along your home and garden walls.

11.  Decorative Designs

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Mix and match stones and pavers to not only create an eclectic walkway, but a piece of art to compliment your landscaping. These swirls and color combinations are filled in with rocks of varying shapes and sizes to help provide a focal point. Fun to make and even more, fun to look at!

12.  Natural Placement

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
A level and well-pieced walkway are always enjoyable to look at, but you can easily use these rock pavers in a more au natural fashion. Use them as stepping stones along an already existing mulched path, and allow their natural height and shape to provide depth and color to your garden.

13.  Simple Spaces

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Pea gravel is often difficult to walk through and also can get a bit boring when used in large amounts. Break up the monotony, and provide an easier stroll through the yard with some well-placed stones. There is no need to fit them together as the pea gravel will easily fill in those gaps, as well as provide contrasting differences.

14.  Latticed Paths

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
These stone pavers are placed in a patterned design within the lawn itself to provide a latticed effect. Although it does provide a rudimentary walkway, it serves as more of a part of the landscape itself and mimics the architectural materials used in the surrounding buildings.

15.  Going Down

15 Amazing Walkway Landscaping Ideas You Will Love
Instead of a traditional stairway, place some oversized stones within a gently sloping hill to provide a way down, and up. This natural look doesn’t take away from the well-manicured flowering shrubs, and also happens to give contrast to the soft ground moss used in lieu of grass.
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