6 amazing xeriscape landscaping design ideas

6 Amazing Xeriscape Landscaping Design Ideas


What is xeriscape landscaping? Using drought-resistant plants that tolerate different types of soil and are native to your area is xeriscape landscaping. The 6 xeriscape landscaping design ideas we have here will get your imagination flowing.

Design your xeriscape garden on paper. For more ideas visit local nurseries to get an idea of native plants and be sure to look at both new plants and mature plants. Knowing how big a plant will get is key to planning a garden.

Xeriscaping Landscaping Design Ideas For Your Yard

Xeriscape is an innovative, drought tolerant and maintenance free landscaping system. Xeriscape plants are not only the drought tolerant variety but are also the best when it comes to resisting pathogens and diseases.

Its unique hybrid composition not only makes for a healthy lawn, but also provides beautiful flowers. The plants are resistant to diseases and require very little care, making it ideal for any type of landscape. If you are planning on gardening a traditional lawn, then Xeriscape is definitely for you.

The good thing about Xeriscape landscaping design ideas is that it allows you to choose the right plants depending on your landscape.

It is extremely easy to follow the directions provided by the system and you can have your plants within two weeks. The plants are delivered right to your house and you do not have to worry about transporting them from the plant nursery.

The system does require an initial investment of $1000, however, you will save money in the long run due to its durable nature. And you can plant whatever kind of grass and flowers you want to, whether it be weed-free drought tolerant or an annual.

There are many benefits of using xeriscape landscaping design ideas to beautify your lawn. Firstly, by using the right plants you can create a greener earth.

xeriscape landscaping design ideas

You won’t have to worry about harmful pesticides taking down the life of your plants. Secondly, you will be able to save a lot of money. Once you plant the right plants and grasses in the right locations, they will be there for you for a very long time.

Furthermore, xeriscape landscaping ideas have given scientists some fresh insights into how plants actually use water. In addition to saving water, you will also be preserving nutrients that in turn improves your soil’s fertility.

And this is important especially if you want to have trees on your property. Trees replenish the water table and prevent erosion, all of which will be beneficial to your landscape.

These are only a few benefits of xeriscape landscaping ideas. In fact, the concept has been around for a long time but it has only gained momentum in recent years.

You may even have heard of it being used in the San Francisco cityscape by a famous street artist. That said, there are many more people all across the United States and the World who are taking advantage of the idea to beautify their yards for less money and save a little water and energy.

One of the main things that you must keep in mind when trying to find the right plants and grass for your yard is that you have a good amount of land.

This means that you have limited options when it comes to landscaping. For example, some people opt for low-water plants and others opt for the highest-water plants. Neither choice is really ideal for your landscape design needs.

If you are not a fan of low-water plants, then you can always go with the higher-water plants to give you an overall greater effect but that is a low-water plant and you still need to water it.

In order to find the best plants for your yard, you should research the different types of plants that are in season during different times of the year.

For example, you will find that shrubs bloom in the late summer months and mid-summer flowers bloom just before the rainy season. If you are looking for drought tolerant plants for your landscape design, then you can find many of these at any time of year.

In fact, the biggest issue that you will face will be finding blooms that bloom during the wrong time of year. However, if you keep your eyes open, then you should be able to locate some great drought tolerant blooms to include mid-summer blooms, hostas, peonies, and anthuriums.

One of the best xeriscape landscaping design ideas for yard landscaping is to use desert plants. These include desert-plant cacti, which are perfect for creating a desert oasis in your yard.

In addition to the desert plants, you should also use desert-plant orchids, spireas, jugs, and more. These landscape plants will make any yard a beautiful oasis that anyone will enjoy and want to stay in all year long.

6 Amazing Xeriscape Landscaping Design Ideas

6 xeriscape landscaping design ideas1

1. Plant Selection

There are many plants that attract butterflies. In Central Texas, native lantana is a great choice. Use it as a ground cover or pops of color throughout your garden. With the migration of the Monarch butterfly through this area, you will witness the awe of the breathtaking butterflies.

Another good choice is Autumn Joy, Bluebeard, and coreopsis. The dark colors in these cornflowers will draw goldfinches to your garden. Lamb’s ear will prove helpful in keeping deer away. Choose plants that are natural pesticides to your garden and there will be no need for chemicals.

2. Design

Plants can be arranged in many ways. Use rows to create a formal effect, using the smaller growers in front graduating to the taller plants in the back. Alternate your rows with a variety of other natural gems you discover from visiting your local nursery or the vast wealth of knowledge on the internet.

3. Patterns

Using the same plant in a generous area result in a scheme that is easy on the eye. However, you can scatter your plants to create a strong element, using colors, textures, and height.

Using Bluebeard in the center of a circle creates a focal point while using a native or drought-tolerant hosta – so many varieties to choose from, variegated leave texture and color – to create an appealing focal point in any area of your garden.

4. Rock Gardens

If you live in a desert, you need to plan your garden efficiently and save the water for drinking and household use. Creating a rock garden doesn’t mean it is not appealing if you do it correctly.

Plant drought-tolerant plants in clumps – as opposed to straight rows – on a high point in your rock garden. At the lower level, plant plants that need more water. When nature provides you with much-needed rain, the water will run downhill and water the thirsty plants at the bottom.

5. Coordination

Be sure to coordinate your rock garden with foliage that compliments the rocks you have chosen. If you choose boulders red in color, compliment the rocks by using plants that do not flower, bringing the eye to the boulders first and then the surrounding, complimenting plants.

Use grasses with pale green leaves or variegated colors grasses with hues of red to bring out the color in the boulders. Gray is also a great choice of color to use against red boulders.

6. Lawns are a thing of the past

Instead of grass lawns, consider removing existing grass and replant with lavender, iris, coneflowers, ornamental grass, or ground cover.

There are so many choices of groundcover, you will be surprised at the options available and when you choose something native, you will realize the savings every month when you get your water bill.

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