River Rock Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Landscape


Your backyard has been the same for years, and you’ve decided to give it a new look. You’ve chosen to put in a modestly-sized brook, and to give it the most natural appearance you can, will be finishing it with river rock landscaping. The river rock landscaping ideas we have here will help you to transform your landscape.

Great River Rock Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for some good river rock landscaping ideas? If so, the first thing you should do is to understand a little bit about river rock and what it can be used for.

River rock, also called washout rock, is any sedimentary rock that has washed down from a high river or stream and that has broken down into very small pieces. These bits are usually quite smooth and can be formed by river currents, weather, or human activity.

They can also be formed by large geological phenomena such as massive icebergs and earthquakes. They add an interesting character to your landscape and can make a huge difference in the way your yard looks.

There are several different things you can do with river rock landscaping ideas; however, there are some things you should never do. While many people like to incorporate this type of material in their yard with both water features and stone patios, it should never be used directly on the soil of your yard. You could end up killing the plants in your yard if you are not careful, which is never a good thing.

When it comes to using river rocks in a decorative way in your yard, there are some beautiful effects that you can create. One of the best things about these rocks is that they look like they have grown in your yard, which is very natural.

The most common effect is to create a waterfall type effect. You can even use them in conjunction with stone garden fountains or other water features to make a flowing river theme. Of course, you should avoid using river rocks in areas that would not look good if water were spilled over them.

One of the best things you can do with river rock landscaping ideas is to treat it as if it were a plant. This is much easier to do than if you are trying to simply plant grass or shrubs in your yard.

There are several plants you could grow around your dry river rocks, including cacti and evergreens. Both of these plants will help take the emphasis off of the rocks, allowing you to focus on the rest of the yard.

Even if you are going to plant something, it is a good idea to use one of the various planters made especially for river rocks. These planters are made of landscape fabric and they come in many different sizes and shapes.


There are smaller planters that are perfect for placing just a few plants on, while larger planters that are better suited for using a variety of plants and other natural landscape items. These landscape fabric planters can also be used to hold rocks and other objects that would otherwise cause your lawn to become disheveled.

Another way to incorporate river rock landscaping ideas into your yard is to make use of pebbles. If you live in an area where the river runs through a neighborhood, it is often easy to find large piles of pebbles that are shaped like rocks. There are two main styles of pebbles used for this type of landscaping: round pebbles and square pebbles.

Using round pebbles will give your yard a more natural and scenic look, but you should keep in mind that using this type of stone in a square pattern can make your yard seem even longer.

Square pebbles tend to be a lot less expensive than round ones, and they are also easier to find. You will need to make sure that you place your decorative rocks in a good place so that they will have plenty of sunlight.

This will ensure that your river rock landscaping ideas are a success. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your yard with pebbles, you might want to check out the various sites on the internet that offer helpful hints and tips.

When you have your rocks properly positioned, you can easily add a variety of plants, shrubs and flowers to your yard without having to worry about significant amounts of erosion.

An easy way to make sure that your river rock landscape is a success is to make sure that there is enough drainage in your chosen spot.

Erosion along the edges of river rocks can be quite severe, so it is important to make sure that there is room for all of your landscaping ideas to work without creating water erosion.

River Rock Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Landscape

river rock landscaping ideas

Rustic Feel

Using river rocks when landscaping is no different from using ocean rocks; they are both popular among those who want to give their landscaping a rustic natural appearance. River rocks are very effective when used to border manmade brooks, but they have to wait until the brooks have been built.

Brook Basics

Brook installation goes far beyond digging a backyard trench and adding water. It includes installing a water circulation system; otherwise, the water will stagnate, becoming a breeding ground for insects, algae, and other health hazards hazard. To make sure its water circulates properly, you really need to have a professional install your backyard brook.

You also need to consider the depth of your brook, especially if you have small children. And check your local zoning laws; many communities have strict rules about fencing around water.

Once your brook’s water is flowing freely, it’s time to devise a plan for your river rock landscaping. You can place the rocks in the brook’s channel to give it a more natural look, or you can arrange them along the edges of the brook.

If you decide to place them along the edges, you can substitute faux river rocks for the real thing; they are more readily available, but your river rock landscaping may not look entirely natural.

Consider the Environment

While you may be thinking that river rocks are as near as the closest natural stream or river, you may be prohibited from gathering them because of environmental restrictions.

Too many rivers and stream ecosystems are already in fragile condition; having people remove the rocks which offer protection for the wildlife that inhabits them will only make matters worse.

Your best bet for getting river rocks that you can be sure we’re not taken from environmentally threatened areas is to get them at your local garden supply store.

If your garden store doesn’t carry them, do an Internet search on river rock landscaping and you’ll find many websites with ideas on where to find them. By bookmarking the best ideas, you can compile enough research that you’ll be able to locate plenty of rocks to complete your river rock landscaping in style!

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