Amazing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

30 Amazing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas


Landscape lighting design is an important aspect of outdoor architecture. It serves multiple purposes, from creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere to highlighting the features of a property and providing additional safety and security to the home.

In order to achieve a successful landscape lighting design, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, including the size and shape of the property, the overall layout of the lighting design, and the type of lighting that will be used.

Each of these elements can have an effect on the overall look, feel, and function of the outdoor lighting design.

With the right lighting system design, a homeowner can create a stunning, inviting ambiance for their outdoor living space that will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property but also provide additional security and safety for the home.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different elements of successful landscape lighting ideas and design, and how to choose the best outdoor landscape lighting design for your property.

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Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be a great way to enhance your outdoor space and add ambiance. When deciding on where to place your landscape lighting, there are several factors to consider.

One idea is to install lights along pathways and walkways to provide safe navigation at night. Tree lighting can add dimension to your landscape and highlight unique features.

Flower beds can be highlighted with landscape lighting to draw attention to plantings and add color to your garden.

Water features such as pools, ponds, and fountains can be enhanced with lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Decks and patios can be transformed into warm and inviting outdoor living spaces with the use of landscape lighting.

Retaining walls can be accentuated with lighting to add visual interest and highlight the architecture of your landscape.

Front yards can also benefit from lighting to accentuate the home’s exterior and create a welcoming entrance. Finally, don’t forget to consider lighting along driveways for visibility and security.

I have below 11 great ideas about where to place landscape lighting for your inspiration.

1. Pathways 

Installing landscape lighting along pathways in your outdoor space can create an inviting atmosphere that is both beautiful and safe.

Pathway lighting is a great way to provide soft, ambient illumination to make evening strolls more pleasant and secure.

Whether you prefer traditional options such as low-voltage LED bulbs or energy-efficient solar-powered lights, you can create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the appeal of your outdoor areas.

The placement of pathway lighting should be carefully considered for maximum impact. Position the lights to emphasize key elements in the landscape and to provide enough light for visibility and safety.

Using a combination of techniques such as up-lighting, down-lighting, and cross-lighting can be used to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. With the right placement and selection of lighting, you can create a stunning and secure outdoor environment.

2. Porches & Patios 

Porches and patios are great places to install landscape lighting. Outdoor lights can be used to highlight the architectural features of a porch or patio, create an inviting atmosphere and provide safety and security.

Landscape lighting can be used to create a warm glow on an outdoor porch or patio, or to provide bright, functional task lighting.

By strategically placing lights, you can create a beautiful atmosphere or provide a safe and secure area for guests to relax and enjoy.

Landscape lighting can also be used to enhance the beauty of the plants and shrubs around your porch or patio.

3. Trees & Bushes 

Trees and bushes are excellent areas to consider when placing landscape lighting. When lighting trees and bushes, you should focus on the shapes, contours, and textures of the plants.

For example, spotlights can be used to highlight the unique shape of a tree or bush, while floodlights can be used to create a dramatic silhouette.

Additionally, landscape lighting can illuminate paths and walkways that wind through trees and bushes, providing safe and attractive pathways for visitors.

With the proper placement of landscape lighting, you can bring a whole new level of beauty and security to your outdoor spaces.

4. Decks & Stairs 

Incorporating landscape lighting into decks and stairs can provide a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. With the right lighting, you can highlight pathways and create a stunning look.

Deck and stair lights can also provide a safe and even glow that illuminates the area. Landscape lighting can be used to accentuate architectural features such as banisters and railings, as well as provide an inviting atmosphere.

To install landscape lighting in decks and stairs, the lights should be mounted securely and the wiring routed safely and securely.

LED lights are popular and energy efficient, while low voltage systems are also available. With the correct landscape lighting, decks and stairs can be transformed into a stunning outdoor space.

5. Driveways 

Quality lighting can play an important role in improving both the safety and beauty of your driveway. The key to successful driveway lighting is choosing the right placement and products.

To ensure even lighting, focus on the edges of the driveway, walkways, and other areas where additional illumination is needed. Also, consider a few spotlights to highlight trees and ornamental features.

In terms of products, look for LED landscape lighting, as they are known for being energy-efficient and long-lasting. Make sure to select the correct wattage and style of lights to achieve the desired effect.

By taking these steps, you can have beautiful and safe driveway lighting that you can enjoy for years to come.

6. Swimming Pools 

Properly placed lighting can provide greater visibility, safety, and security around the pool. In addition, landscape lighting can also highlight the natural beauty of your pool and create a stunning, nighttime oasis.

When placing landscape lighting around a swimming pool, consider the size, shape, and location of the pool, as well as the surrounding landscape.

It is important to ensure the lighting is installed in a safe and secure manner and away from any water sources.

When selecting the best landscape lighting system for your pool, choose lighting fixtures that provide a warm, inviting glow to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

7. Walls & Fences 

Landscape lighting is an essential part of any outdoor space, providing the perfect ambiance for entertaining and relaxation.

Placing landscape lighting on walls and fences is a great way to add beauty and character to any outdoor space.

Walls and fences provide the perfect backdrop for uplighting, creating a soft, subtle glow that can be used to highlight architectural features and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Wall-mounted lights can also be used for downlighting, providing focused illumination for pathways and outdoor living areas.

With the right choice of lighting fixtures, walls and fences can be transformed into a unique and beautiful outdoor experience.

8. Water Features 

Whether you have a pond, fountain, or waterfall, making these features visible at night can add a dramatic effect to your outdoor space.

Placing landscape lighting around the perimeter of a pond or waterfall will help to show it off. If your water feature is in a shaded area, you can use spotlights or path lights to cast a glowing spotlight on it.

You can also use downlighting to enhance the beauty of a waterfall or fountain by casting shadows and reflections.

When installing landscape lighting around water features, be sure to use lights that are waterproof and sealed against moisture. This will ensure the safety of your lighting and the longevity of your water feature.

9. Statues & Artwork 

Landscape lighting is an important addition to any outdoor space, especially when it comes to showcasing statues and artwork. Properly placed string lighting can emphasize specific features, whether it’s a fountain, sculpture, or garden.

LED lights are perfect for illuminating statues and artwork as they are energy efficient and can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.

To get the best effect, place moonlights in strategic locations, such as near the base of the statue or artwork, to create a subtle, yet well light stunning, effect.

Consider accent lighting to draw attention to key features, or directional lighting to add a dramatic flair. With a few carefully placed lights, you can transform your outdoor space into a dramatic, yet inviting, display of art.

10. Accent Lighting for Structures

Accent lighting for structures is a popular choice that offers a stylish, eye-catching way to light up your outdoor area.

The light fixtures can be placed in a variety of locations to create a dramatic effect, such as along a driveway, around a patio or pool, or near a garden or pathway.

Additionally, the light fixtures can be placed to highlight certain features such as plants, statues, or other decorative elements.

Highlighting architectural details or accentuating the lines of a fence or a pergola, accent lighting can make your outdoor living space look spectacular.

With proper placement, accent lighting for structures can create a beautiful, enticing atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy.

11. Garden

Landscape lighting is an essential part of garden design, as it can bring out the beauty of your garden and create a stunning nighttime atmosphere.

Placement of landscape lighting is important – the lights should be strategically placed to provide an even lighting effect, avoiding shadows or dark spots.

To ensure that your garden is illuminated properly, begin with a light source at the center of the garden, then place a few lights along the perimeter.

Place lights among shrubbery and trees to bring out their texture and shape. Additionally, you can use up lights to highlight statues or other features of your garden, and path lights to enhance the lighting of pathways.

For added effect, use string lights along pergolas, fences, or other structures. With the right placement of landscape lighting, your garden will be transformed into a beautiful and inviting nighttime oasis.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Types of Landscape Lighting Design Fixtures & Ideas

Path lighting:

These lights are used to illuminate walkways and paths to help people navigate through your outdoor space.


These lights are used to focus on specific features such as trees, sculptures, or water features.


These lights are used to provide a wide area of illumination. They are often used to light up large outdoor spaces like yards or gardens.

Well lights:

These lights are placed underground and are used to uplight trees, plants, or other features.

Deck lights:

These lights are used to provide illumination on decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces.

Step lights:

These lights are used to provide illumination on stairs, helping to make them safer to use at night.

Wall lights:

These lights are mounted on walls and are used to provide ambient lighting and highlight architectural features.

Accent lights:

These lights are used to highlight specific features such as plants, statues, or other decorative elements.


These lights are used to provide a soft, indirect lighting effect, creating a romantic or relaxing atmosphere.

Underground lighting:

These lights are placed underground and are used to provide illumination from below, creating a unique lighting effect.

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas: 30 Ways to Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces with Expertly Designed Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, lighting can make or break the ambiance. From uplighting trees and features to accentuating pools, ponds, and waterfalls with underwater lighting, there are lots of ways to enhance the beauty of your backyard. Let’s explore some popular lighting techniques used by professionals to maximize the beauty and safety of your yard.

1. Uplighting Trees and Features to Enhance Silhouettes

Uplighting is a great way to draw attention to trees and other features in your yard. By pointing the light source from the ground upwards, the contrast between light and dark creates an impressive silhouette effect.

Uplighting can be used on tall trees, garden walls, pathways, statues, and other focal points around your property. With cleverly implemented uplighting, you can add a unique visual element to your backyard.

2. Backlighting Steps and Pathways for Enhanced Visibility and Safety

Lighting pathways and steps are important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety reasons. With well-placed low-voltage lights, you can easily illuminate pathways and steps without creating too much glare. This type of lighting helps create an even glow that provides both visibility and security.

3. Spotlighting Areas of Interest to Maximize Ambiance 

With spotlights strategically placed in certain areas of your backyard, you can create indoor-level ambiance outdoors.

From pathways and patios to gardens and seating areas, spotlights add warm illumination that enhances the overall look of your outdoor space. This type of lighting also allows you to shift the focus from one area to another with ease.

4. Floodlighting the Entire Yard for Security Purposes 

Floodlighting your entire yard is a great way to ensure safety after dark. Not only does floodlighting provide adequate illumination for security purposes, but it also adds charm and character to your outdoor space.

When properly installed, floodlights blend in with their surroundings and can be turned on or off with ease for maximum control over your outdoor lighting system.

5. Shadowing Walkways and Patios with Low Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lighting is an excellent choice for areas like walkways and patios where minimal illumination is necessary.

This type of lighting casts subtle shadows across walkways and patios while providing adequate visibility without too much glare or brightness.

Low voltage lighting is also perfect for pathways as it helps prevent tripping hazards while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

6. Accentuating Pools, Ponds, and Waterfalls with Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is a great way to bring out the beauty of swimming pools, ponds, or water features in your yard.

By installing fixtures strategically along the walls or on the bottom of the pool, you can create stunning visual effects in the form of ripples that saturate your backyard with color.

With expert placement and selection of colors, you can turn even a small pool into an eye-catching feature of your landscape design.

 7. Wall-Washing Effect on Exterior Walls of the Home

Hanging pendants can be used to create a wall-washing effect on the exterior walls of the home by diffusing light evenly along the sides and highlighting the texture of the walls. This adds to the ambiance of the outdoor space and creates a beautiful effect.

Landscape lighting design can enhance your home’s exterior walls with a dramatic wall-washing effect. Wall-washing lighting will bring depth to your outdoor space and provide a beautiful focal point for your landscape.

By creating a pool of light focused on your outdoor walls, you can transform the look of your outdoor space and create an inviting atmosphere. T

The wall-washing effect of landscape lighting will add texture and dimension to the walls of your home and draw the eyes of visitors to the beauty of your home. Wall-washing lighting can also be used to emphasize your home’s architectural features and bring out the best in its design.

For a truly stunning look, use several different sizes and styles of lights such as uplights, downlights, sidelights, and spotlights to create a variety of wall-washing effects.

A professional landscape lighting designer will be able to help you create the perfect wall-washing effect for your outdoor space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

With landscape lighting design, you can turn your outdoor walls into the perfect canvas for making the statement you want to make about your home.

8. Replicating Natural Starlight with String Lights or Garden Lamps

String lights or garden lamps are great for replicating natural starlight in an outdoor space. They also come in various sizes and shapes, so you can create custom patterns and designs to add personality to your outdoor area.

Landscape lighting design offers homeowners a way to replicate the natural starlight of an outdoor evening and create a unique atmosphere for their outdoor living space.

String lights and garden lamps are popular options for creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere. String lights are a great way to illuminate walkways, provide ambient light for outdoor entertainment areas, and create a magical, starry night effect.

Garden lamps, on the other hand, can be used for spot lighting for decks, patios, and other outdoor areas. They also provide an inviting and warm feeling, making the outdoor space more inviting and pleasant.

With the right landscape lighting design, homeowners can create the perfect, natural starlight atmosphere that will be the perfect backdrop for any outdoor gathering.

 9. Tracing Decks and Boardwalks with Linear Strips of Low Voltage Lighting

Linear strips of low-voltage lighting can be used to trace decks and boardwalks, allowing users to navigate through the space safely while adding illumination that enhances the beauty of the area at night.

Tracing decks and boardwalks adds a subtle, yet effective, ambiance without being overpowering. Whether used to light steps and railings or to highlight pathways and pathways, linear strips of low-voltage lighting provide a bright, yet energy-efficient source of light.

The use of low-voltage lighting is also a cost-effective way to illuminate the outdoors and can be used to light up decks, boardwalks, steps, and railings for a beautiful, safe, and inviting atmosphere.

With its easy installation and long-lasting LED bulbs, landscape lighting can be tailored to any design. Linear strips of low-voltage lighting provide a unique and elegant look that is sure to enhance any outdoor environment.

10. Framing Outdoor Living Areas with Wall or Step Lights

Wall or step lights are a great way to frame outdoor living areas, creating a comfortable setting that’s perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day. This type of lighting provides illumination that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

11. Highlighting Architectural Details around the Home

Hanging pendants can be used to highlight the architectural details around the home, such as columns, window sills, or doorways. Doing so creates an interesting play on light that emphasizes the shape and design of these features.

outdoor landscape lighting design

12. Unifying Gardens, Paths, Steps, and Driveways with Uplights

Uplights are a great way to unify gardens, paths, steps, and driveways in an outdoor space by providing soft ambient light that helps keep things safe and secure at night.

13. Adding Personality with Unique Pendant Designs

Pendants come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so you can easily find something that adds visual interest while still providing plenty of illumination in an outdoor space.

Finding unique pendant designs will help give your deck or patio its own personality while providing necessary illumination.

14. Creating a warm glow around fire pits and fireplaces

One way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space is to use landscape lighting around fire pits and fireplaces.

By highlighting these features with soft, indirect lighting, you can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for enjoying evenings outdoors.

15. Emphasizing landscaping features like statues, trellises, and plants

Landscape lighting can also be used to emphasize specific landscaping features such as statues, trellises, and plants. By using spotlights or uplights, you can draw attention to these elements and add visual interest to your outdoor space.

16. Creating spotlighting effects on walls and ceilings with lanterns or sconces

Another creative use of landscape lighting is to create spotlighting effects on walls and ceilings with lanterns or sconces. This can add dimension and depth to your outdoor space and create a more dramatic ambiance.

17. Wrapping large trees or structures with uplighting or strands of fairy lights

Wrapping large trees or structures with uplighting or strands of fairy lights is a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

This type of outdoor lighting can really help to bring a touch of elegance and beauty to any garden. It is easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes with some basic tools and materials.

By wrapping trees and other structures with fairy lights, it will provide an amazing lighting effect that will be sure to captivate everyone who sees it.

18. Illuminating outdoor furniture or seating areas with path lights or spotlights

Illuminating outdoor furniture or seating areas with path lights or spotlights can really help to bring life to any outdoor space.

Path lights are a great way to provide illumination to a pathway or seating area, while spotlights create a more dramatic effect by bringing attention to specific areas. Adding outdoor lighting, it will make any outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable.

19. Utilizing solar-powered outdoor lighting for cost-effective solutions

Utilizing solar-powered outdoor lighting is great for homeowners who are looking for cost-effective solutions.

Solar-powered lighting provides the same benefits as traditional lighting, but without the need for wiring or other installation processes.

The solar panels absorb energy from natural sunlight and store the energy in the battery so that it can provide power to the light throughout the night.

Solar-powered lighting is also eco-friendly and cost-effective, making it a great option for any homeowner looking for a stylish and affordable way to illuminate their home’s exterior.

20. Utilizing uplighting to enhance garden features like pergolas, arches, and gazebos

Uplighting is one of the most effective ways to bring out the best features of your garden. Installing lights underneath pergolas, arches, and gazebos can create a stunning, three-dimensional look.

Uplighting can also be used to highlight trees and other features, adding drama and interest to your garden. It is important to consider the light placement and the beam angle when using uplighting, as it can be very easy to over-light and create an overly bright and artificial atmosphere.

21. Creating nighttime moods with colored outdoor lighting

Creating nighttime moods with colored outdoor lighting is an excellent way to make your landscape stand out after dark.

This type of lighting design utilizes different shades of light, such as blues, greens, reds, and yellows, to create a unique and alluring atmosphere in your outdoor space.

By utilizing outdoor colored lighting fixtures, you can instantly transform your backyard, patio, or garden into a cozy and inviting area for you and your guests to relax and enjoy.

Colored outdoor lighting can also be used to highlight special areas of your landscape, such as pathways, gardens, trees, and more.

22. Installing dimmers to control brightness and intensity levels

Installing dimmers is a must-have for any landscape lighting design. This not only helps create the perfect ambiance but also allows you to precisely control the brightness and intensity levels of your lighting.

Dimmers can be used to adjust the amount of light being used at any given time, and this can be especially beneficial during nighttime events or for creating a more subdued atmosphere.

Additionally, dimmers are an energy-efficient way to reduce electricity costs associated with outdoor lighting.

23. Illuminating pool or spa areas with underwater lighting

Underwater lighting is a great way to add a splash of color and ambiance to your pool or spa area. With the right fixtures, you can illuminate the area in all directions, making it even more inviting.

You can even choose lights with different colors or patterns, so you can use the same lighting design to set different moods, from romantic to playful.

Installing underwater lighting is simple and can be done in a short time, making it a great way to add a unique touch to your landscape lighting design.

24. Adding focused or up-lighting to water features, such as fountains and water walls

Enhancing water features with focused and up-lighting can bring a unique, dynamic element to any outdoor space.

By focusing the light on the water itself, it can create a subtle shimmering effect and give the water feature a new level of depth and texture.

Uplighting can be used to create a dramatic contrast and add a splash of color to the water feature. This type of lighting can also help to draw attention to the water feature and make it a focal point of the landscape.

When used in combination, focused and up-lighting can create stunning visuals and help to transform a water feature into something truly special.

25. Illuminating pathways and staircases with light fixtures or string lights

Pathways and staircases are essential elements of landscape design, but they can be dangerous after dark. To ensure your family’s safety and add a touch of beauty to your landscape, you can use light fixtures or string lights to illuminate pathways and staircases.

Consider using a combination of lights, such as wall-mounted fixtures and decorative string lights, to provide both functional illumination and attractive visual accents.

Make sure to keep the wattage of the bulbs in check to avoid over-illumination and ensure the safety of your paths and stairs.

26. Using motion detectors for energy efficiency and security purpose

Motion detectors are a great way to increase energy efficiency and security for your landscape lighting design.

By strategically placing motion detectors in areas of your outdoor space, you can ensure that lights only turn on when they detect movement.

This will not only help conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill, but it will also increase the security of your home by alerting you when someone is on your property.

Additionally, you can use motion detectors to turn on decorative landscape lighting, creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor atmosphere.

27. Creating a romantic ambience with timer-regulated string lights or twinkle lights

String lights or twinkle lights are a great way to add a romantic ambience to your outdoor living space. With the use of a timer-regulated system, you can create an environment that changes with the evening.

String lights hung across pathways, around trees and shrubs, or running along gazebos or pergolas can transform the landscape into a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

You can also use string lights to illuminate steps or to highlight a focal point in the landscape, such as a water feature.

With the right combination of colors and designs, string lights can add the perfect finishing touch to your landscape lighting design.

28. Installing rope lighting for accent lighting

Installing rope lighting for accent lighting is a simple and affordable way to instantly improve the look of any indoor or outdoor space.

Not only do they give an area a modern and stylish look, but they also provide subtle lighting that boosts the overall atmosphere.

Rope lights are relatively easy to set up and can be used in combination with additional lighting systems such as chandeliers, floor lamps, and wall sconces to create dramatic visual effects and really draw attention to a space.

When choosing rope lighting there’s a wide selection of styles and colors to pick from and they’re often customizable so you can get the exact effect you’re hoping for.

29. Connecting multiple lighting systems for dramatic visual effects

Connecting multiple lighting systems together is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind look that can truly make your space stand out from others.

By mixing different lamps, fixtures, and even rope lights you can truly create something incredible that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere.

When connecting multiple lighting systems it’s important to understand what you’re doing first and have a plan in place before making any permanent changes or purchases.

Carefully plan out wiring and ensure that you have the right bulbs or lamps to get the most out of each system while still fitting in with the overall look.

30. Adding custom lighting for a one-of-a-kind look

Adding custom lighting to a space can be an exciting way to completely transform it into something unique and unforgettable.

From recessed lights to ceiling fixtures and even neon signs, custom lighting can make any area feel like its own individual masterpiece.

When adding custom lighting it’s important to think about the overall color scheme and create something that will complement it and make it feel like part of the entire theme.

Also, consider how much light you need and whether or not dimmers are necessary for getting the right look in certain areas as this can make all the difference in how your custom lighting stands out.

In Conclusion:

As you have seen, landscape lighting design can transform any outdoor space into a magical place. There are a variety of lighting solutions available to meet every budget, and with careful planning, you can create a unique, inviting atmosphere that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

With the right design and proper installation, your landscape lighting will be an eye-catching, energy-efficient addition to your outdoor environment.

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