low maintenance perennials full sun

Low Maintenance Perennials Full Sun: Best 18 That Thrive In Any Garden


When it comes to gardening many homeowners are looking for plants that require minimal care and attention. Low maintenance perennials full sun are the perfect solution for gardeners looking to enjoy their gardens without spending too much time on upkeep.

These perennials are hardy and can tolerate the harsh heat of the full sun. Easily established and long-lived, they’re the perfect choice for any garden. With little effort, homeowners can create an outdoor living space that’s colorful and vibrant with these perennials. Whether you want to attract pollinators or just bring a little bit of life to your garden these plants are a great option.

In this blog post, we will discuss the various advantages of low-maintenance perennials full sun as well as some of the most popular varieties available. We will also provide tips and advice on how to care for these hardy plants so that they remain healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

What Is Low Maintenance Perennials Full Sun?

Low maintenance perennials full sun are a great choice for gardeners who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers without a lot of fuss. These types of plants tolerate full sun and require minimal care making them a perfect option for busy gardeners. Many of the varieties are also drought tolerant hence, making the garden look great during dry periods.

Common low maintenance full sun perennials include lavender, Russian sage, yarrow, and coneflower. These varieties require minimal regular pruning and mulching, though occasional division and deadheading will help them continue to bloom over the years. Some may need to be watered more often during dry spells or poor weather conditions.

In addition to needing little care, these perennials also provide year-round color in the garden. Lavenders are available in shades of blue and purple, while yarrows can bloom in oranges and yellows. Even when not in bloom, these plants have attractive foliage and structure which can bring visual interest to your garden beds.

By choosing low maintenance perennials full sun, home gardeners can still enjoy vibrant blooms without a lot of hassle.

Benefits of Low Maintenance Perennials Full Sun For Gardeners And Homeowners

Low maintenance perennials that thrive in full sun are a great addition to any garden or home. They can provide a lush, green oasis that needs little or no care to maintain. With minimal upkeep and maintenance, even beginner gardeners can achieve beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces with ease.

The most obvious benefit of low-maintenance perennials that thrive in full sun is the abundant blooms they produce during the blooming season. These flowers can be long-lasting and provide a stunning view in any outdoor space. The blooms come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors making it possible to create a variety of landscapes with ease. Additionally, perennials require little to no fertilizer or herbicides throughout their growing season, which saves time and money for the gardener.

Another great benefit of low-maintenance perennials for full sun is the ability to attract beneficial wildlife to your garden or home. Butterflies, birds, and other beneficial insects are drawn to the blooms of these plants and can help keep unwanted pests away from your garden area. This is especially true of native varieties that are specifically adapted to your local climate. The wildlife that these plants attract can also provide natural pest control by eating the larvae of pests that can be found in your flower beds and around the home.

Finally, these plants are often drought tolerant once established and require less water than other types of plants. This makes them great for xeriscaping projects and for areas where water conservation is important. As a result, home and garden owners have more flexibility in their outdoor design without sacrificing aesthetics and beauty for a lower environmental impact.

low maintenance perennials full sun

How to Care For Low-Maintenance Perennials Full Sun In Your Garden

Here are a few tips for caring for low-maintenance perennials in full sun:

1. Plant in well-draining soil. Low-maintenance perennials that prefer full sun need soil with excellent drainage to prevent root rot. Amend soil with plenty of organic matter and top dress with gravel or sand to help ensure good drainage.

2. Water deeply but infrequently. To help promote strong root systems, water low-maintenance perennials deeply and infrequently. If it does not rain for a week, give your plants a deep watering to ensure they aren’t getting too dry.

3. Prune as needed. Many low-maintenance perennials only need to be lightly trimmed to maintain their shape and encourage blooms. Deadhead flowers as soon as they have finished blooming to prolong the flowering season and cut back plants that have become overgrown or unruly.

4. Fertilize lightly in the spring. Fertilize low-maintenance perennials in the spring with a light application of balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 12-12-12. You do not need to fertilize again during the season as too much fertilizer can cause excessive growth and damage or even kill the plants.

5. Mulch around plants. Mulch helps retain moisture and keep weeds at bay while also providing essential nutrients to the soil. Use an organic mulch such as shredded bark or wood chips around your low-maintenance perennials to help them stay healthy throughout the season.

Low Maintenance Perennials Full Sun: 18 Stunning Low-Maintenance Perennials Flower That Will Thrives In Your Garden

1. Virginia Sweetspire 

Virginia Sweetspire is an ideal choice for those looking for low maintenance perennials that thrive in full sun. It is a deciduous shrub or small tree with an arching form and its flowers appear in mid-to-late summer. The white blooms are quite fragrant, and birds love the brightly-colored berries that follow.

It has a moderate growth rate and requires little pruning since its round shape is naturally pleasing. With its attractive fall color and tolerance for a variety of soils, Virginia Sweetspire is a great addition to any sunny garden.

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2. Panicle Hydrangea

The Panicle Hydrangea is a fantastic low maintenance perennial option for your garden or landscape. This shrub thrives in full sun and typically reaches heights of up to 8 feet (2.4m).

Its green foliage and large white or pink flower panicles are sure to add a beautiful touch to any outdoor area. And with its low maintenance needs and hardiness, you can rest assured that this plant will remain reliably beautiful throughout the summer and beyond.

3. Daffodils

Daffodils are low-maintenance perennials that thrive in sunny, well-drained soil. They come in a variety of colors, from bright yellow to deep orange. Daffodils are a perfect addition to any garden since they require very little in terms of maintenance. These flowers will bloom each year multiplying in number throughout the years.

They can be planted in the late fall and winter months for an early spring show of color and beauty. Because of their hardiness, daffodils make excellent container plants. Place these sun-loving perennials where they will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight each day for optimum bloom and growth.

4. Catmint

Catmint is a low maintenance perennial flower that can provide a burst of beautiful color in any garden. This drought-tolerant plant blooms in shades of lavender and blue and grows up to 24 inches in height.

Catmint requires very little in terms of grooming or maintenance making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a low-maintenance plant that still provides amazing color and texture.

In addition to being drought-tolerant catmint is also deer-resistant so, it can easily be used in landscapes with nearby deer populations. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a no-fuss perennial that can brighten up any garden.

full sun low maintenance shrubs
Blazing starPhoto by USFWS. Original public domain image from Flickr

5. Red Hot poker

Red Hot Pokers are low-maintenance perennial flowers that have bright and colorful blooms an excellent choice for easy-care gardeners. Red Hot Pokers are native to South Africa, where they will happily thrive in full sun with regular watering and fertilization.

The strange and unique blooms of the Red Hot Poker are often tubular in shape and come in shades ranging from yellow to pink to white, and even purple.

They bloom from spring to early summer and can be easily propagated by dividing clumps every few years. These vibrant and eye-catching flowers will add a splash of color to any landscape!

6. Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass is a low-maintenance perennial flower that adds a wonderful splash of color to any garden. It is native to the south-eastern United States making it well-suited to warmer climates. Even in cooler climates this grass can be haphazardly planted in spring and kept watered and fertilized for long-lasting beauty.

This grass grows best in full sun, and its bright pink, fluffy blooms make an eye-catching display when they emerge in the fall. The grass is also deer resistant and ideal for any garden. For a minimum of effort, you can enjoy the color and texture of Pink Muhly Grass in your garden all year round.

7. Bee Balm

Bee Balm is an attractive perennial flower that is a great addition to any garden. The plant comes in a wide range of colors, such as pink, red, white, and purple, and blooms for most of the summer season. It is very easy to care for and maintain resisting disease and pests with ease. Bee

The balm is also known for its lovely aroma and medicinal properties often used in teas and tinctures to help with digestion and sore throats. It’s an ideal flower for those who want a low-maintenance perennial in their garden that will add visual interest and bring the bees buzzing.

8. Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox is a popular low-maintenance perennial flower known for its vibrant colors and fragrant blooms. They are excellent for ground cover or borders in the garden, often used as an edger or planted at the base of a wall. They thrive in sunny areas with moist soil and need minimal care to survive making them a great choice for busy gardeners.

The blooms come in various shades of pink, purple, white, and blue and create a delightful display of color. If cared for properly Creeping Phlox can bloom from February all the way through June and make an excellent addition to any landscape.

9. Bluestar

Bluestar is a low-maintenance perennial flower that is perfect for beginner gardeners. The beautiful deep blue flowers of this plant will bring a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere to any garden. It typically blooms in late spring and early summer and can continue to bloom until frost if deadheaded.

Bluestar prefers sunny locations and can tolerate drought conditions. It’s also deer-resistant making it a great choice for gardens with frequent visiting animals. The attractive foliage of Bluestar will remain even after the flowers have faded and it needs minimal pruning. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to fit into almost any landscape.

10. Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow is a beautiful low maintenance perennial flower that makes an excellent addition to any garden. They can grow up to six feet tall and feature stunning, large flower heads in shades of pink, red, and white. Rose Mallows require minimal watering, and an average amount of sunlight to remain healthy and blooming.

They are hardy and can survive through even harsher climates making them a great option for those living in areas with variable weather conditions. Rose Mallows are a great choice for any gardener looking for a stunning easy-to-care-for flower to add to their garden.

11. False Indigo

False Indigo is a low-maintenance perennial flower that is ideal for gardeners who want a touch of beauty without too much effort. These captivating plants come in shades of blue and purple and are also available in a variety of sizes and heights which makes them an appealing addition to any landscape.

False indigo flowers are drought tolerant and attract a variety of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to the garden. They are easy to grow and require minimal care once established, making them the perfect choice for busy gardeners.

12. Sedum Flower

Sedums are low-maintenance drought-tolerant perennial flowers that are popular for filling cracks in stone walls and rock gardens. They have thick waxy leaves that store moisture and can survive in even the hottest and driest climates.

Sedums are incredibly versatile plants and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The flowers range from star-shaped yellow blooms to tiny white or pink bells. They bloom in late summer and will reward you with colorful flowers even if you neglect them.

low growing border plants full sun
White Cow parsley flower (Anthriscus sylvestris) as close up with a diffuse background

13. Russian Sage

Russian Sage is a beautiful low-maintenance perennial flowering plant that is native to regions of Central Asia. It has graceful, tall stems bearing flowers that can range from lavender to blue in color.

The gray-green fragrant foliage is a great contrast for the colorful blooms, and both the foliage and flowers are known for having a very long blooming season.

The shrub is also incredibly drought-resistant making it ideal for xeriscape landscaping. Planting this perennial in well-drained soil in full sun will produce far more abundant blooms.

14. Polyantha Roses

Polyantha Roses are low maintenance perennial flowers that can bring beauty and class to any garden. Their small flowers have an intense old-fashioned charm and they bloom in clusters over a long period of time.

They are relatively disease-resistant and can handle summer drought pretty well. The shrubs are hardy enough to grow in many areas from cold winter climates to the hottest deserts. If you’re looking for an easy-care flower with lots of blooms Polyantha Roses are a great choice!

15. Ice Plant

Ice plant is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant perennial flower that produces a dazzling display of bright colors throughout the blooming season. This hardy and easy-to-grow flower come in striking shades of pink, purple, and orange. They are ideal for rock gardens and dry landscape areas as they are able to survive in extreme environmental conditions.

Ice Plants offer easy maintenance and require no additional fertilizers or watering; only an occasional trim in early summer will be sufficient to keep these stunning flowers blooming throughout the season. Once established, Ice Plants are resistant to deer and other garden pests making them perfect for wildlife-friendly gardens.

16. Artemisia

Artemisia is a type of low-maintenance perennial flower that is popular among gardeners and landscapers for its hardy nature and attractiveness. It requires minimal care to thrive and has a long blooming period making it an ideal choice for busy gardeners.

This hardy flower comes in many varieties with some having silver-green foliage and others with yellow or white flowers. Artemisia is also known for its ability to grow in a range of different soils from sandy to heavy clay and can tolerate both drought and wet conditions.

It is also a great choice for pollinators like butterflies and bees, attracting them to the garden with its long-lasting flowering season from summer through late autumn.

17. Bloomerang Lilac

The Bloomerang Lilac is a low maintenance perennial that thrives in full sun areas. It produces stunning flowers with a pleasant fragrance that lasts for weeks. Its attractive foliage is a soft gray-green that adds to its appeal. Its blooms appear twice in one season and can tolerate temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit making it an ideal choice for cold climates.

It requires minimal pruning and is drought tolerant making it a durable and low-maintenance choice for any sunny location. Its height which can reach up to 8 feet, makes it a great choice for a privacy hedge or an accent in any garden. With its hardiness and long blooming season, the Bloomerang Lilac is a great choice for gardeners of all levels.

18. Milkweed Flowers

Milkweed Flowers are versatile low maintenance perennials that can thrive in full sun. The flowers produce clusters of fragrant pink-hued blooms from late spring to early summer bringing a pop of color to any outdoor space.

Their evergreen foliage is also attractive and makes for a great backdrop for other plants. Milkweed Flowers require little care, needing only occasional watering and occasional trimming to keep them looking their best.

They attract a variety of pollinators, including butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees making them a great addition to any home garden. These hardy plants are also salt-tolerant, making them ideal for coastal gardens. With their vibrant hues and easy upkeep, Milkweed Flowers are a great choice for any full-sun garden.

In Conclusion:

Low maintenance perennials that can thrive in full sun are a great way to spruce up any outdoor space without having to put too much time or effort into it.

For example, asters, daylilies, paludosum daisies, and coneflowers are all wonderful full sun perennials that can receive little care and still look beautiful throughout the season.

These lovely plants also attract beneficial pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. With their bright blooms and easy upkeep, they make the perfect addition to any garden.


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