Lawn Service – Choosing the Best Lawn Services Provider


Lawn Service, Choosing the Best Lawn Services Provider

lawn service, lawn services

A well-tended lawn doesn’t have to be tedious, especially if you know how to pick a good lawn service provider that will take care of your lawn maintenance without having to pay a huge cost. Here are a few things to consider when picking a lawn care service to make sure that your lawn is a well-kept garden of green.

Ask around

One of the best ways to get in touch with the best lawn service companies is simply to ask. Enquire from your friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances for recommendations on a lawn care company that offers great service for reasonable prices.

Seek advice especially those who have lawns themselves and have experienced hiring a contractor to maintain their own lawns. Chances are, they’re your best resource for reliable reviews and first-hand accounts of lawn care companies and will best be able to point you in the right direction – towards doing business with a reputable lawn care company.

Once you have got a list of recommended companies, double-check these providers against your local Better Business Bureau’s own reviews of those companies. BBB is a good resource for checking up on a particular company’s reputation and it will reveal to you companies are getting great reviews and which ones are not.

Furthermore, your local BBB will be able also, to furnish you with information about a particular company’s professional membership in a lawn care association as well as the services they offer, for instance, the application of lawn chemicals other than fertilizers. The application of lawn chemicals, in particular, is strictly monitored by some states. Department of Agriculture requires a license to provide this kind of service.

Do your homework

First, decide on the kind of services you need from a lawn care provider, and from there, you can start collecting estimates from several different companies about the fees they charge for these services. Make sure you have a list of the services you need before calling the lawn care company.

Here are a few things to consider when making a decision about the kind of services you need or want:

• What is the size of your lawn?
• Do you need landscaping services or do you just need lawn cutting?
• Do you need seasonal maintenance?
• Do you need programming for an irrigation system?
• Do you need an application of fertilizer or pesticides?

Other services you might want to look at apart from lawn cutting and fertilizing are pest control, reseeding, dethatching, and core aeration.

Next, ask the company if they can do an onsite evaluation of your lawn to get an idea of the kind of services your lawn needs as well as the services they offer. This will help you to know the people behind the company if they’re reasonable and easy to deal with.


Once you’ve gone over the lawn care company services, it’s time to ask around for the cost. Ask how much the company charges for its services and get a written estimate of the overall cost of maintaining your lawn. This will help you to narrow down your choices, as the price is definitely one of the determining factors when choosing a lawn care services provider.

All in all, go for the lawn service company that gives you the services you need at reasonable prices and make sure that the provider is a trusted name in its field. Satisfying all these requirements will ensure that you will get the kind of well-tended lawn that you deserve.

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