How to Design a Vegetable Garden Ideas


Having a vegetable garden could be very rewarding. However, the planning, designing, and maintenance is a big a problem to so many people. I have here how to design a vegetable garden ideas for guys to explore for inspiration.

I get a lot of questions from people about how to design a vegetable garden ideas like mine? First you need to look at the area where you want to put the garden. How much sun does it get? Your garden will produce best if it is not shaded. A vegetable garden really likes a full day of sun, however if you can’t get 8 hours of sun here are some suggestions on what can grow with less sun:

How to Design a Vegetable Garden Ideas

how to design a vegetable garden

Fruiting Vegetables – 8 hours of sun This includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and vine crops such as cucumbers, melons, peas and squash, anything that takes a bloom to produce.
Root Vegetables – 6 hours of sun Carrots, beets, radishes, etc.
Leafy Vegetables – 4 hours of sun These are your “greens” such as lettuce, spinach and collards.
Corn is a full sun vegetable.

Now you may ask, “How do I know how much sun it gets?” Before you prepare your garden, take a weekend and go out in the morning about 8:00am and look at where the sun is in your yard. Check again at 12:00 noon, 3:00 pm and 6:00pm. When was your garden shaded and when did it have full sun.

In the lower desert you can grow year around. You have two growing seasons. But it is very important to know what to plant at the best time of the year. I have a planting calendar on my site.

Now that you know what you can plant, with designing a garden in the desert it is important to know how you are going to water your plants. One of the worst things you can do is sprinkle you garden. In the desert we have a lot of clay in our soil. Sprinkling makes a hard crust on the top and it makes it hard for seedlings to sprout. The best is to flood your garden or to put in drip lines. I have chosen to put in drip lines because I only water where the plants are thus saving water and it cuts down on the weeds. I also have an automatic watering system so I don’t have to try to remember to water and everything gets consistent water.

Are you going to have a raised bed garden or put one in at ground level? We have a raised garden because I don’t like to bend down anymore to tend to the garden. We also have complete control over each box. We have a salad box where we grow our leafy and root vegetables. In that box we added lots of sand for the root vegetables.

As you decide what to plant in your garden still be aware of the shade you are creating. In other words, corn is very tall and will shade the plants next to them, so you might want to plant leafy vegetables next to your corn. Also do not put you cucumbers and melons next to each other because they will cross pollinate and taste funny.

Farmers plant on hills and flood between the hills, however they waste lots of water. I personally like to make valleys and then plant and water in the valleys. The valleys hold the water and I think it is a better use of the water. When you plant your seeds, you will need to water at least once a day and maybe twice a day. You want to keep the top moist so that the sprouts can break through the soil. The more mulch is in your soil the easier it is for the seeds to sprout.

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