How to Design a Garden Landscape Ideas


When planning how to design a garden landscape, trees, shrubs, flowers and the flora of your yard can help create a beautiful, lush landscape, but without permanent structures to anchor your garden, it can be easy to let your yard get out of control.

Hardscapes like fences, walls, and patios can form an enduring backdrop against which to lay out the perennials and annuals in your gardens. In fact, even as the seasons change and your plants come and go, these hardscapes are ever-present to provide structural and visual interest in your landscaping.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a completely new landscape design or you’re just looking to freshen up and refine the garden you already have, working in the right hardscapes is a fabulous choice for adding dimension and organization to your yard.

How to Design A Garden Landscape Tips

Garden designing is an art form. The purpose of a garden is to improve the quality of life through beauty and serenity. It has become one of the most popular activities for homeowners all over the world.

While many gardens are designed purely for the sole purpose of decoration, the design of your own garden is an act of your own personal expression.

In the past, it was the property of the upper class that had gardens. However, in recent times, gardens have become more affordable to the middle class, thus middle class citizens have taken up the hobby of how to design a garden.

A well designed and maintained garden can help you improve your lifestyle and make the best use of the limited space that you have at home. If properly planned and implemented, your personal garden can become your sanctuary, where you can spend some calm and tranquil moments.

How to design a garden can also be fun. If you are a hobbyist and love to spend your free time in a green pasture, then creating a garden is just for you.

First, decide the theme or look you would like to portray through your garden. There are so many themes that you can choose from, it will be hard to choose which one to go with.

how to design a garden landscape

Some people prefer nature, while others may want something that is different from the normal. Once you have chosen the theme, you can start thinking about how to design a garden landscape. Decide whether your theme requires large or small areas.

Determine the size of the area you have at home. You can determine how big your garden area is by measuring the area where you plan to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, or bushes.

Use these measurements to come up with an estimate on how much garden space you will need. This will help you better design the area in which your garden will be placed.

You will then need to add up the dimensions of the area where you are planning to put your garden. Make sure to note these measurements so you will not make any miscalculations later on.

It will also help you choose the appropriate plants for your planned garden. Determine how much sunlight the area receives. If you want a garden that receives a lot of sunlight, you may need to plant some shade trees or some other plants that can withstand the heat of the sun.

Next, think about how many people will be using your garden. If you plan on having guests over, make sure to get the right design for entertaining.

Choose colors and materials that can complement each other. Make sure to plan and budget appropriately. If you’re not sure about these, talk to a landscaper to give you some tips and advice.

Once you’ve finished the layout of your garden, you can now start adding the plants and trees. Most gardeners are more comfortable with designing a small garden in the front yard because it’s easier to do.

But if you have a bigger space, you can choose to have a bridge, a paved path that leads to a patio or even a deck. Think about how you would like your garden to look before actually starting to plant anything. You may want to visit local stores or search online for ideas and suggestions.

How to design a garden is only limited by your imagination. Use your creativity and your instincts together to create something that fits your personal style. If you’re a real do it yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money by doing most of the work yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re not very comfortable with doing things by yourself, hiring a landscape designer will ensure that your garden is designed properly and professionally.

How to Design a Garden Landscape Ideas

how to design a garden landscape


1. Fences

garden fences

Depending on what type of fence you select, fence installation can provide security, beauty, and more. Typically used to define the boundaries of your yard or garden, fences can also provide:

    • Privacy: Tall fences with closely spaced slats can keep prying eyes out and are ideal for creating secluded, quiet retreats.
    • Security: Many kinds of fences can help keep out roaming people and animals. Offering safety benefits ranging from keeping children away from pools to preventing intruders from breaching your property, security fences can protect your family and your home.
    • Aesthetics: Wrought-iron, wood, and some types of PVC fences offer appealing designs and styles as well as security. A favorite for landscaping design, these types of fencing can be used continuously around your property’s perimeter or in an isolated way as a decorative feature only.

Your fence contractors may be able to provide additional information regarding fence styles and materials and how they can suit your specific needs, so be sure to ask for their recommendations.

2. Decks and Patios

Decks and Patios

Of course, don’t forget that a deck or patio can do dual duty in your yard. Not only do these versatile features create outdoor living space, but they can also provide visual interest and become an aesthetic element in your landscape design. When adding a deck or patio, make sure your deck builder considers not only how the design of the deck works with your home but how it fits into your landscaping as well.

From adding a curved shape to offering multiple ways off the deck to even creating built-in planters, there are a whole variety of ways in which your deck or patio can be designed to provide beauty to your landscaping as well as practical function as an outdoor living space.

Whether you choose to put in handsome brick patio pavers or go with a composite deck material for long life and easy maintenance, these features can be an integral part of your landscaping as well as a great way to enjoy your backyard in comfort.

Contrasting the soft appearance of leaves and flowers with the hard lines of stone, masonry, and wood, hardscapes add the finishing touch to just about any type of front or backyard landscaping.

Many types of hardscapes can be easily installed by experienced DIYers, but you may want to consult with a fence builder or deck contractor if you are uncertain about local building codes, structural requirements, or other construction particulars.

From defining the boundaries of your space to enhancing your yard’s beauty, hardscapes provide you with versatility and attractive performance in winter and summer, spring and fall.

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