3 Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas You Will Love


Are you looking for front yard evergreen landscape design ideas? I have here front yard evergreen landscape design ideas you will love.

Front yard landscape design is an essential part of creating an overall outdoor plan that truly showcases the elegance of your home. The plants, hardscape elements, and other design accessories integrated into your front yard play an important role in creating a landscape plan that makes the most of your property.

Your landscape design begins as soon as the road connects to your driveway and continues throughout your outdoor space. An effective front yard layout will guide guests from the road directly to your front door with the use of lines, patterns, and other design elements.

At the same time, the landscaping of your front yard will set the tone for the rest of your outdoor design. Using Trees, Shrubbery, and Flowers to accent your front yard plant life and vegetation are a critical part of most landscape designs and are just as essential to your front yard.

It is important to choose plants and flowers that complement your garden style and the style of your home. There are a few other tips to keep in mind while creating a planting plan for your front yard landscape design.

Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas That Add Charm To Your Home

A front yard never goes out of style. With a little planning and the use of some easy front yard landscape design ideas, you can have an evergreen feature that provides color, beauty, and interest year-round.

Many people want their front yards to be a place for relaxation with the outdoors in the background. However, many also desire their front yards to be a relaxing and beautiful part of the home where family and friends gather to enjoy the beauty of nature and each other.

Here are some front yard landscape design ideas that will help you make your dream front yard a reality.

One of the best front yard landscape ideas is to use flowering shrubs, bushes, trees, and flowers to create a natural, inviting oasis.

By creating a garden, you will be able to use native plants that require less care, maintenance, and insect management. Also, native plants are generally known to be very easy to take care of. In addition, you won’t have to worry about weeds or bugs taking over your front yard.

Another bonus with native plants is that they tend to be very low maintenance. You’ll want to choose shrubs, bushes, and trees that can withstand the type of climate you have in your area.

If you love the look of a well-manicured lawn, then front yard landscaping with pavers and bricks may be the perfect front yard design idea for you.

There are several types of pavers, which include brick pavers, concrete pavers, flagstone pavers, and natural stone pavers. You can use one or all of these types of paving material to create a unique and attractive feature for your front yard.

Some people love to plant grass in their front yards. You can do this, too, but there are certain factors to consider before planting grass. The grass needs to be mowed regularly to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

To prevent the occurrence of dandelions, you should plant your grass further back from the house, not placing it in the same direct sunlight as the front door. The best front yard landscaping ideas include mixing hardscapes, such as fountains and statues with the planting of landscape plants and trees.

A rock garden provides instant curb appeal and can be done quickly and easily. It doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain a rock garden and most of the materials can be found at a local hardware store.

When planning your front yard landscape design ideas, think about what types of plants can be placed around the rock garden. Larger rocks will require more frequent maintenance than smaller rocks, so plan your front yard landscaping ideas carefully.

Of course, another popular feature among those who design front yard landscaping ideas is the evergreen plant. One of the best front yard plant choices is the evergreen shrub or tree.

Some of the most popular evergreen plants are native plants such as Canada Maple, Red Oak, Black Rubberwood, Blue Spruce, and Sedum Autumn Joy. These trees and shrubs provide year-round interest and beauty. They will also help your front yard retain its trim and shape.

A fence can be used to enclose your front yard, providing privacy and creating an inviting entryway to your home. You can do this by choosing plants that will compliment your new fence.

For example, if you choose dark shrubbery for your front yard fence, you should plant those plants that have leaves that change color in the fall. You could also incorporate the use of climbing plants along the fence. This will provide year-round interest to your front yard and add charm to your front door surrounds.

Adding a trellis or archway to your front yard will add a beautiful touch to your front door surrounds. When trellises or arches are incorporated into a design, it can be designed as an art piece in the form of a sidewalk with pavers along the walkway.

There are so many front yard landscape ideas that you will be amazed at the great ideas that you have. With your creative imagination, you will come up with an attractive front yard that will give your home curb appeal and make it an eye-catching site to visitors. So, get out there and start designing your front yard landscape ideas today.

3 Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas You Will Love

1. Trees

Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas

  • Large trees are excellent relief from the summer sun and can help cool your home when planted correctly.
  • Smaller trees, like citrus and fruit trees or ornamentals like crepe myrtles, provide color and often offer a sweet aroma.
  • Avoid planting trees with heavy foliage or those that drop needles, acorns, etc. near paths and driveways.
  • Large trees can be used as focal points or planted in groups for an attractive display.
  • Ornamentals and fruit trees are often planted in lines to accent drives or to create a live border along with the property.

2. Shrubbery

Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas

Depending on your garden style, evergreen shrubs, boxwoods, and classy topiaries are an ideal way to add texture to your front yard landscape design.

  • Shrubs are often used to create patterns and directions.
  • These types of plants can also make excellent hedges.

3. Flowers

Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas

A number of the landscape designs depend on a variety of seasonal perennials, blended with an assortment of evergreens, for year-round color. Flowers can make your front yard bright and inviting while creating a number of visual effects within your outdoor space. Choose colors that complement your existing color usage and consider these planting tips:

  • Use calming shades like green or blue for a recessed, distant appearance.
  • Vivid hues, like yellow and red, attract attention and can accent areas of your yard that need to stand out.
  • Design flowerbeds around the edge of your home and alongside paths and walkways.
  • Fill in empty space with lush grass that can be both functional and beautiful.

Other Front Yard Evergreen Landscape Design Ideas

While the back of your home may be a primarily private area only seen by family and friends, your front yard plays a major role in defining the appearance of your entire property. There are several different ways to add to your front yard and increase the curb appeal of your home besides the plant life you choose.

  • Front Yard Hardscape Design – Paths and driveways may be a necessity, but the way they are designed and created can greatly influence your landscape design. Choose materials that are fitting for the garden style you are implementing and use lines and curves appropriately to accent the overall look and feel of your home. Plan drives that make accessing your home easier. Circular driveways provide a simple entrance and exit or an open area for turning around can be integrated into a traditional straight drive.
  • The Appeal of Courtyards – Often enclosed with walls or fencing, courtyards are appealing features because they provide an intimate area for seating, relaxing, and entertaining. Courtyard design requires careful attention to lighting and layout so many homeowners depend on the services of a professional designer.
  • Water Features in the Front Yard – Water features are just as elegant in the front of your home as they are in the backyard. Consider a garden fountain that suits your landscape style as a focal point or add a soothing stream or cascading waterfall to a flowerbed.

From the driveway design to the front porch decor, your front yard landscape design is the defining factor in your property’s curb appeal and reflects the overall look and feel of your property. A professionally landscaped front yard can ensure a design that makes the most of your home.

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